The Lower Loop of The Upstairs Train
The Lower Loop is the most complex part of the layout.
Railyard and town from the Central Exchange. The entrance to the lower loop is on the left.

Click here to take an imaginary drive through town in  an S-Scale car.
The rail yard from above
Entering the lower loop behind the town.  The green New Haven train is ascending the trestles of the red upslope to the left.

The operating boxcar unloads packages onto the station platform.
Approaching the first tunnel.
Click here to see the upper loop.
After the lower loop emerges from its first tunnel (upper left), the red line switches off through the canyon and under the #750 Trestle Bridge.  The lower loop proceeds to the next switch where the green line takes off through the tunnel under the upper loop, emerging under the red downlslope.  The lower loop proceeds on through the yet-uncompleted tunnel to the switch that separates into the two lines through Union Station (just out of the picture below the lower right corner).
The green line emerges from the tunnel under the trestles of the red downslope.  Off to the left is a short siding where I park an engine when it's not in use.
Click here to see the train.
The red line emerges from the canyon and winds around the control panel on its way to the Central Exchange.  Here the orange-stripe New Haven Clipper occupies the red line.
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