The Bridges of The Upstairs Train
The Upper Loop has four bridges under which the Lower Loop passes.  And the trestles of the red upslope and downslope might be considered bridges.
The most prominent bridge is the #750 Trestle Bridge at the front of the Upper Loop, over the mouth of the canyon.
There are two dark red #571 Truss Bridges, one at the south end where the Lower Loop first passes under the Upper Loop, and another at the north end where it enters the tunnel on the way to Union Station and the Northeast Corner,
The #581 Girder Bridge is along the back wall at the mouth of the first tunnel.  This is the point at which the canyon narrows and is little more than a gully as it passes under the bridge.
The #26782 trestle set takes trains up the red upslope on the south end of the layout, parallelling the Lower :Loop, past Orange Grove Corner and its #769 Aircraft Beacon tower ...
... and down the red downslope between Union Station and the Green Line of the Lower Loop.
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