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Wish List
(Last updated May 9, 2010)

If you or your friends have some American Flyer trains and would like them to go to a nice home where they'll be loved and cared for, this is the place!  Email me:

I need the following to complete some of my trains:

The satin silver 961 Jefferson coach car with no color band.
I already have the rest of the set.

To complete the K5418TBlack Diamond set, I need the chestnut-stripe 962 Hamilton vista dome car.  I already have the 960 Columbus combination car and 963 observation car.

Green Painted version of the Pullman Heavyweight Passenger cars (two 652s and a 653)

The Alco A unit engines from the Northern Pacific passenger set made by Lionel in 1992.  I already have  the dummy B unit and all the passenger cars.  Temporarily, it is being pulled by a 490 powered A unit.

#48065 American Flyer SD9 made in 2007 to go with the commemorative freight cars I've bought.

The 378 Texas & Pacific GP-7 dummy.  I already have the 377 powered unit.

Second priority is to complete some of the collections within my collection:

I need two hoppers to complete my hopper collection:

632 blue-gray Virginian hopper

I need two stock cars to complete my stock car collection:

736 Operating Stock Car

24077 Northern Pacific Pig Palace

My collection of
tank cars has quite a ways to go; I need the following:

625 orange Shell tank car
625 Gulf Tank Car with SEPX markings
910 Gilbert Chemicals tank car
24313 Gulf 3-Dome Tank Car
24316 Mobilgas Tank Car
24319 Penn Salt tank car
24320 Deep Rock Tank Car
24321 Deep Rock Tank Car
24322 Gulf tank car
24323 Baker's Chocolate tank car
24324 Hooker made in 1959 with complete tank and knuckle couplers
48212 Southern Pacific tank car
48220 Deep Rock tank car
48223 TCA National Toy Train Museum tank car
48224 Gulf tank car (2001 NASG)
48228 Cook Paint & Varnish Company tank car
48229 Denver & Rio Grande Western (D&RGW) tank car
48233 Union Pacific tank car
48235 Smokey the Bear's Birthday tank car
48405 Shell tank car
48411 GATX Gilbert Chemicals tank car
48414 Nestle Nesquik tank car
48415 Hooker Chemicals 3-dome tank car
48416 Campbell's Tomato Soup tank car
48471 MKT tank car
48496 Monsanto Chemicals tank car (1995 AFSGSLA)

960 Columbus

I have a hodgepodge of the red-striped streamliner cars; to complete all three sets, I need the following:

24869 Jefferson

963 Washington

24793 Jefferson

There's a lot of really neat American Flyer equipment out there.  Here are some more things I'd like to get some day as the opportunity affords.

Some day I want to get the recent passenger sets made by Lionel:

49614 Pennsylvania Railroad passenger set
49600 Union Pacific Pony Express passenger set
49611 New York Central passenger set
49612 B&O passenger set
49616 Chicago & Alton Limited Pullman Heavyweight passenger set
49617 Blue Comet Pullman Passenger Set
48990 New York Central Pullman Heavyweight Four-Pack
48991 NYC Baggage Car and Coach Two-Pack add-on
48992 Pennsylvania Railroad Pullman Heavyweight Four-Pack
48993 Pennsylvania Baggage Car and Coach Two-Pack  add-on
48994 Two-Pack add-on to the Blue Comet set

#343 Nickel Plate 0-8-0 yard engine

#326 New York Central Hudson engine with large motor

#48038 Great Northern EP-5 Electric

#21089 FY&PRR Washington

24750 FY&PRR Combination Car

24565 FY&PRR Flatcar with cannon

Any of the various GP and Baldwin diesel engines, either powered or dummy, made by either Gilbert or Lionel.

21918 Seaboard Baldwin Switcher

#812 Texas & Pacific Baldwin Switcher

As my friend Eric says, "You can't have too many engines."

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