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Here are some links to other sites that you may find useful.  I have done business with a few of these, but not all. 

Please be patient as I construct this page and try to make it as helpful as possible to you.  Obviously, it started out as a simple list, but I wasn't happy with it that way.

Places to get lots of information and ideas, see other peoples' layouts, etc.     Comprehensive is the word that comes to mind.  Whatever you're looking
                                       for, start here.
trainweb FAQs    Frequently Asked Questions about S Gauge and American Flyer
S-Scale Model Railroading    A part of the trainweb site, but this is an award-
                                        winning site in its own right. You've got to see this one!  American
                                        Flyer is only one section of this great site.        Host of the S-Ring and lots of galleries, including mine.  Also, a great links page.
Tinplate FAQs            Frequently Asked Questions about tinplate model railroading in general.
                                       It applies to all gauges, not only S.  Especially good tips on buying.
Portlines Hobby Supplies    Wiring diagrams and lots of how-to tips, and a good place to buy stuff      You want links? This site has links to almost anything you can imagine that is
                                       related to railroads, real or modelled.  Check out the webcams!
Thor Trains Layout Plans     If you're planning a new layout, or expanding an
                                       existing one, this site will give you a lot of track plans to consider.
Tom Jarcho's Folded Figure Eights     Some terrific track layouts based on stretching and
                                       folding the classic Figure Eight.
The Penn Western     Not only a fabulous layout, but includes an Operations Guide
                                       that models the operation of a real railroad.
Carl's S Gauge Empire     One of my favorite layouts, plus a lot of great hints and tips.
S-Friends Galleries     Photo galleries of the members of the Yahoo S-Trains group.
My floor-runners        Photos of a bunch of layouts I created in my dining room and family room
                                              to play on the floor with my grandson and other kids.

Places to buy trains and things
Portlines Hobby Supplies   
SnS Trains     
S-Helper Services    
American Models
Lionel Trains     Recent catalogs, including their American Flyer line   
Marty's Trains   
AFSTrains - The Train Collector   
Nicks Trains   
The DAKOTApaul Gallery   
American Flyer Rarity Repaints     Here's an option for people who like the looks of
                                                            a rare car but can't find (or can't afford!) one.
Smoky Mountain Model Works     highly detailed, prototypically accurate S scale craftsman kits

Parts Suppliers

Portlines Hobby Supplies   
SnS Trains     
Triple-S Supplies
Guru Brands   
RFG (R.F. Giardina)   
     Frenchs Trains   
Landscaping, Accessories, and Other Stuff

Woodland Scenics - landscaping materials and information
TrainMinder - the software I use to inventory my trains for insurance
      Berkshire Junction
- streetlights, crossing signals, turntable, ...  

Clubs, Associations, and Other Organizations

National Association of S Gaugers   
The Train Collectors Association   
San Diego S-Gaugers  
All-Gauge Toy Train Association  
Modeling Guide   
All Aboard Sets Club  
San Diego Model Railroad Museum  

Places To Sell Your Trains

If it's American Flyer, why go elsewhere?  Email me  But if I'm not interested, I'll send you to one of the following:   

If you or your friends have some American Flyer trains and would like them to go to a nice home where they'll be loved and cared for, this is the place!  Email me:

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