Grade Crossings of The Upstairs Train
A #760 Highway Flasher guards almost every grade crossing on The Upstairs Train, flashing as a train approaches, just like a real railroad. Two #696 Track Trips cause the lights to flash as a train passes over it.  There is one track trip on the side from which a train approaches the street, and one on the other side to keep the light flashing as the end of the train passes.  In the Northeast Corner, where a Flasher guards three tracks, each track has a track trip on the approaching side.  There is a single track trip past the crossing, after the switches where the three lines merge.
This is the crossing that comes into town from the southeast.
This is the other side of that crossing, the view of cars leaving town to the southeast.
This is the other end of town, leaving to the west.
This crossing is on the gravel road leaving the Log Loader and log cabin on the Upper Level.
This is the grade crossing from Guilford Station and the farm toward Union Station.
This is the grade crossing leaving Union Station to the northeast.
The yellow downslope and both lines through Union Station have #696 Track Trips so the Highway Flasher signals a coming train on any of the three tracks.
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