Buildings of The Upstairs Train (2 of 3)
The first page listed the buildings in the strip town along the entrance to the lower loop. These are the other buildings on the lower level, scattered around the layout.
The Plasticville #SW-2  Switch Tower oversees activity in the rail yard.
The Plasticville #CC-9 Church is at the east end of the strip town, across the street from the red gas station.
#774 Floodlight Tower, with its little shack is next to the church, at the east end of the railyard, at the convergence of the four lines that enter the Central Exchange.
The Plasticville #BN-1 Barn sits where the red and green lines of the Lower Loop converge.  I think the animals are Plasticville #BY-4 but I'm not sure.
#766 Guilford Station is next to the farm, along the Green Line of the Lower Loop.
The #771 stockyard is next to the farm, along the Red Line of the Lower Loop.
The Plasticville platform station is on the red line of the Lower Loop at the mouth of the canyon.
793 Union Station with its twin #792 terminals is the focal point of the Northeast Corner.
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