Pacific Steam Engines (2 of 3)
Gilbert made 25 distinct Pacific Steam Engines as listed on a page and a half of the TM Guide, not counting the variations on some of the 25.  Lionel made another in 2006 under the American Flyer name.  Because there are so many, I have split them up over three web pages:

Gilbert Alcos   #282 through #296 are on
page 1
                      #310 through #316 are on this page
                      #350 through #21115 and those made by Lionel are on
page 3

Unless otherwise specified, the large pictures on this page are of engines in the collection of The Upstairs Train and the smaller ones are from ebay auctions I didn't win.

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#310 Pennsylvania Pacific made only in 1946.

#310 "American Flyer Lines" Pacific made only in 1947.
#312 Pennsylvania Pacific with smoke unit in the tender made only in 1946.
(Photo courtesy an anonymous donor.)
#312 "American Flyer Lines" Pacific with smoke unit in the tender made only in 1947.
(Photo courtesy an anonymous donor.)
#312 "American Flyer Lines" Pacific pre-production prototype with smoke unit in the boiler made in 1947.
#312 "American Flyer Lines" PRR Pacific with smoke unit in the boiler made in 1948.
(Photo courtesy of Ed Church.)

There were also numerous other less notable variations.
I am told that the Maury Romer interviews said these cut aways were made so the directors could see how things worked and approve or disapprove production of an item. These cut away locos were then used in the corporate sales center on the second floor so buyers from big stores like Sears and Macy's could come in and see what the product was all about, how it was made, and how it worked (and check out the massive layout up there) before they made their orders. When the change was made to smoke and choo choo in the boiler, these were used to show how everything fit and worked in the boiler.
(Picture and story courtesy of an anonymous donor.)
#312AC PRR Pacific made from 1949 to 1951.
(Photo courtesy an anonymous donor.)

There were numerous variations in lettering, trailing trucks, and tender details..
#313 "American Flyer Lines" PRR Pacific made in 1955&1956.
(This is a picture I took of an engine in Jack Larson's collection.)
It came in two versions, small motor and large motor.
#314AW PRR "American Flyer" Pacific with trailing truck on one-piece drawbar made only in 1949.
(Photo courtesy of Don Hasenzahl.)
#314AW PRR "American Flyer" Pacific with diecast trailing truck and separate drawbar made only in 1950.
(Photo courtesy of Don Hasenzahl.)
The #314AW used a different whistle controller than the familiar air chime whistle tube of later years..
(Photo courtesy of
Walt Alexandrowicz.)
#315 PRR "American Flyer" Pacific made only in 1952.
(Photo courtesy of
Nathan Feingold.)
#316 PRR "American Flyer Lines" Pacific made in 1953 & 1954.
(Photo courtesy an anonymous donor.)

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