EP-5 Electric Engines
Gilbert made only two EP-5 Electric Engines, and Lionel has made four more up through 2008.

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#499 Hew Haven GE EP-5 Electric made from 1956 - 1957.
(Photo courtesy of
Douglas Weronick.)
Here's what the bottom looked like.
(Photo courtesy of
Stout Auctions.)
And the front:.
(Photo courtesy of Fred Weller.)
Some had a hole for the mounting of sheet metal steps below the plastic molded steps at each end.
(Photo courtesy of
Stout Auctions.)
The 499 was used in two similar freight sets made in 1957: #20345, the New Haven Mainline Electric Freight, for sale in the U.S. and Canada, and #20946 for international sales.

Both sets comprised #985 B&M boxcar, #958 Mobilgas tank car, #911 C&O Pipe Gondola, #920 Southern gondola, #921 CB&Q Hopper, and #935 Bay Window Caboose.  They also included 12 #26720 Curved Track, 4 #26700 Straight Track, #26752 Remote Control Uncoupler, #26690 Track Terminal, 16 #26693 Track Locks, and #26739 Whistle Control.  The #20345 American set came with a #22020 50-watt Transformer and the #20946 international set with a 220V Transformer.
The 5-digit version, #21573, was made from 1958 - 1959.
(Photos above and below courtesy of
Stout Auctions.)
It was used in three freight sets:

Two, #20162, the New Haven Electric Special, and unnamed set #20455, made in 1958, pulled the following cars: #24076 Union Pacific Livestock car with knuckle couplers, #24116 Southern gondola, #24026 Central of Georgia boxcar, #24206 CB&Q hopper, #24023 B&O boxcar, #24313 Gulf 3-Dome tank car, and #913 or #24006 Great Northern boxcar.  It included 12 #26720 Curved Track, 6 #26700 Straight Track, #26752 Remote Control Uncoupler black plastic body, #26690 Track Terminal, and 18 #26693 Track Locks.  The #20162 set also included a #23789 Station and Baggage Smasher  and #23568 Whistling Billboard.

The third set, #20189, the Keystone Special, made in 1960, pulled #24043 B&M Boxcar, #24109 C&O Pipe Gondola, #24116 Southern gondola, #24413 American Refrigerated Transit (ART) Refrigerator car, #24221 C&EI Hopper, and #24630 AFL Caboose.  It included 12 #26720 Curved Track, 2 #26810 Pow-R-Clips, and #22004 40-watt Transformer.

It was also used in two passenger sets,
#20520 Banker's Set made in 1959, and #20192 Special Set made in 1960.  Both pulled the orange stripe streamliners #24776 Columbus combination, #24816 Hamilton Vista Dome, and #24836 Washington Observation car.  The #20520 Banker's Set included 12 #26720 Curved Track, 2 #26700 Straight Track, #704 Manual Uncoupler, #26690 Track Terminal, and #22020 50-watt Transformer.  The #20192 Special Set included 12 #26720 Curved Track, 6 #26700 Straight Track, #704 Manual Uncoupler, #22020 50-watt Transformer, 2 #26810 Pow-R-Clips, and 26416 Accessory Pack.
#48008 New Haven EP-5 made by Lionel in 1991.  It was not sold in any sets.
(This is a picture I took of an engine in Jack Larson's collection)
#48010 Milwaukee Road EP-5 made by Lionel in 1992.  It was not sold in any sets.
(This is a picture I took at the 2008 Del Mar, CA, train show, courtesy of Don Matthies, Nor Cal Trains.)
#48038 Great Northern EP-5 made by Lionel in 2004.  It was not sold in any sets.
(Photo courtesy of Jerry Poniatowski.)

An interesting note:
David Holliday tells me that the real Great Northern railroad ran three classes of electrics but never an EP-5.
He says this is actually a Milwaukee Road EP-5 painted in GN colors.
#48075 Hew Haven EP-5 made by Lionel in 2008 and 2009.  It was not sold in any sets.
(Picture from the
Lionel online catalog.)

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