The GM-EMD GP and SD Engines ("Geeps")
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Gilbert made 13 GM-EMD (General Motors ElectroMotive Division) GP Engines, not counting the variations on some of the 13.  Lionel made 29 more up to 2008, and continues to make them.  Because there are so many, I have split them up over two web pages:

Gilbert Geeps   all are on
page 1
Lionel Geeps    #8350 through #8551 are also on
page 1
                      #8552 through #48016 are on this page
                      #48017 and above are on
page 3

Sometimes called "line switchers," they were envisioned by GM as general purpose engines, hence the designation GP.  The 6-wheel trucks were developed for "special duty" (hence SD) on lighter rail lines and Lionel followed GM's nomenclature.  David Dewey tells me "There are differences in body panels, louver locations, dimensions, etc."  But body molds are so expensive that Lionel used a GP-7 body for the SD9s.

Ken Garber tells me the numbers indicate power: GP-7s were nominally 700 horsepower and the GP-9s 900.

Unless otherwise specified, the large pictures on these pages are of engines in the collection of The Upstairs Train.

If you have a picture that you would like to share with the world of any of engines not shown here, or a better picture of one that is shown, email them to me:
#8552 New York Central GP-9 made in 1986.
This engine pulled the
HAR#4 New York Central Freight Set.
Click here to see the train of which this engine is a part.
#48000 Southern Pacific GP-9 made in 1987.
This engine should have a gray frame rather than a black one.
Back in the days when I was more an operator than a collector,
I bought the shell and swapped it with the shell of another Geep depending on which line I wanted to run.
Later I bought a chassis and frame to put it on, but wasn't careful enough about the color!
This engine pulled the
HAR#5 Southern Pacific Freight Set.
Its unpowered mate is the #48002, which bore the number 8002.
This is the proper color scheme for both Southern Pacific Geeps.
This engine is also in the
HAR#5 Southern Pacific Freight Set.
#48001 Illinois Central Gulf GP-20 made in 1987, which bore the number 8001.
(Picture courtesy of David Butterfield.)
The #48003 is the unpowered dummy mate to the #8551 Santa Fe GP-20.  Both were made in 1986.
While the engine bears the number 8553, the catalog number, and the number on the box, is 48003.
#48005 Pennsylvania Railroad GP-9 made in 1989, which bore the number 8005.
(Picture courtesy of
#48007 Burlington Northern GP-20 made in 1990, which bore the number 8007.
The front
And the back
#48009 American Flyer GP-7 made in 1991, which bore the number 8009.
(This is a picture I took of an engine in Jack Larson's collection.)
#48013 Conrail GP-7 made in 1995, which bore the number 5600.
The back ...                                                             and the front.
#48014 Northern Pacific GP-9 made in 1995, which bore the number 8014.
#48016 Merry Christmas GP-20 engine from 1995.
The back ...                                                             and the front.

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