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Gilbert made 62 distinct accessories as listed on a little over seven pages of the TM Guide, not counting the variations on some of the 62.  Because there are so many, I have split them up over eight web pages:

Gilbert accessories #50 through #167 are on
page 1
                           #168 through #273 are on this page
                           #274 through #590 are on
page 3
                           #593 through #755A are on
page 4
                           #758 through #767 are on
page 5
                           #768 through #774 are on
page 6
                           #779 through #799 are on
page 7
                           #23586 through #23796 are on
page 8

Unless otherwise specified, the pictures on this page are from the collection of The Upstairs Train.
#168 Hotel made in 1953.
(Photos courtesy of
Bill Hawkins.)
#270 medium blue News and Frank Stand made in 1952 & 1953,
(Photos courtesy of
Bill Hawkins.)
#270 light blue News and Frank Stand made in 1952 & 1953.
(Photos courtesy of
New England Toy & Train Exchange.)
#271 Three-Piece Whistle Stop Set made in 1952 & 1953.\
Brown Waiting Station, white & yellow Refreshment Booth, and medium green & yellow Newsstand.
(My apologies.  I lost track of whose picture this is.
If you recognize this as yours, please let me know and I will give proper photo credit.)
My set doesn't have the box and isn't as perfect, but it'll let me show you all four sides.
#272 Glendale Station and Newsstand with light blue walls made in 1952 & 1953.
(Photo courtesy of
Bobby Hoppe.)
Here's a close-up of the stand.  You don't often find them with all the magazines and newspapers in place.
(Photo courtesy of
Bobby Hoppe.)
And the back of the stand.
(Photo courtesy of
G. Elliott.)
And the two sides of the stand.
(Photos courtesy of
G. Elliott.)
And the bottom.
(Photo courtesy of
G. Elliott.)

It was also made with medium blue walls in 1952 & 1953.
#273 Oak Park Suburban Railroad Station with red roof made in 1952 & 1953.
(All four photos courtesy of
Rick Dunn.)

It was also made with blue, dark gray, and green roofs.

#273 Forest Park Suburban Railroad Station with red, blue, dark gray, or green roof made in 1952 & 1953.

#273 Lake Park Suburban Railroad Station with red, blue, dark gray or green roof made in 1952 & 1953.

Show me the rest of the Buildings.

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