American Flyer Engines & Handcars For Sale
(last updated October 6, 2012)

I am selling trains from several different collections. This page lists the American Flyer engines that I have received from them. These are in hand and ready to ship upon receipt of payment.

For reference purposes, I show 2012 TM Guide book values adjusted for condition, but these should not be interpreted as firm asking prices. Make an offer I can't refuse! Email me: Please include your address so I can calculate shipping charges and send you an invoice with the total.

As I get time to build them, separate pages will show:

freight cars
- passenger cars
- accessories
- sets
- parts
- other stuff

326 Hudson Steam Locomotive in C-6/C-7 condition. $165 Runs forward & reverse; e-unit has been cleaned and cycles with almost 100% reliability. The knuckle coupler, horn and headlight work. The smoke unit works well enough for my wife to complain; not as prolific as my best smokers, but better than my worst. If your wife doesn't like smoke, you don't want one that smokes any better than this one! It has the small motor. Thanks to Don for pointing out that the tender's left rear handrail was missing – I had missed that; I have replaced it with one from my parts box. In the process, I cleaned up the other handrails and provided new pictures.

Stay tuned!  There are lots more coming.

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