Gilbert American Flyer Accessories For Sale
(last updated May 8, 2010)

I am helping a lady sell her late father's collection on behalf of her mother.  She's in no rush to sell so you can buy things in batches over the coming months.  Her primary interest is that they go to people who will appreciate them as much as her father did.  The whole collection has been kept in an air conditioned outbuilding with a dehumidifier.

If you want any of these items, email me an offer of price and the date you want to buy each item. In some cases, I show 2008 Greenberg book values for reference purposes, but these should not be interpreted as asking prices. Make an offer she can't refuse!  Email me:  Please include your address so we can calculate shipping charges and send you an invoice with the total.

This page lists the used Gilbert American Flyer accessories in the collection.  She's still working to complete the list and to provide pictures.  I have only just begun to upload the pictures I have.  If you're interested, check back often!  If you see some things you might be interested in, email me to request pictures.

Very few of these used Gilbert items are of collector quality (TCA C-7 and above).  Some are what I call nice operator quality (C-6), but most are C-5, and some are of lower quality ("well-weathered").  Unless otherwise noted, the TCA ratings given on this page are based on the one and only picture I have of the accessory, which is shown here on this page.  Additional pictures are available if you need them.

Separate pages show:

- recent
American Flyer boxcars made by Lionel.  She and her mother are almost certain that none of these items have ever been out of the box.

- a list (with pictures) of freight cars in the collection made by
other manufacturers: American Models, Crown Models, Lionel, and others.

- hundreds of used Gilbert Flyer items in the collection:
engines, freight cars, passenger cars, and accessories (this page).  There are also nine boxes of track, roadbed, and switches.  She's still working on the list and pictures of those.  I have only just begun to upload those pictures; if you're interested, check back often!

The used Gilbert Flyer Accessories for sale are as follows; pictures are below.

35 set of three Brakemen with lanterns, C-6/C-7, $140.
708 Air Chime Whistle Control Unit; I don't know whether it works; buy it as-is for $2.00.
708 Diesel Horn Control Unit; I don't know whether it works; buy it as-is for $3.00.
769 plastic Aircraft Beacon, C-4, $10.
769A Aircraft Beacon, C-6/C-7, $60. She has two of them.
769A Aircraft Beacon, C-5/C-6, $25. Tower is tarnished.

#35 set of three Brakemen with lanterns made from 1950 to 1952.
The box is a mess, but the picture looks like the Brakemen have never been removed.  $140.

769 plastic Aircraft Beacon made in 1950.
One side of the top platform is crunched, and it's dirty, but other than that, it's okay.  $10.00.

769A Aircraft Beacon #`1
C-6/C-7, $60.

769A Aircraft Beacon #`2
C-6/C-7, $60.

769A Aircraft Beacon #`3
C-5/C-6, $25.

Stay tuned!  There are lots more coming.

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