For Sale: American Flyer Boxcars by Lionel
(last updated May 8, 2010)

On this page are recent American Flyer boxcars made by Lionel; the heir for whom I am selling these is almost certain that none of these items have ever been out of the box.  For reference purposes, I show 2010 Greenberg book values in the list, but these should not be interpreted as asking prices. Make an offer she can't refuse!  Email me: Please include your address so I can calculate shipping charges and send you an invoice with the total.

Since these cars have never been out of the box, I am providing links to pictures in so you can see what one looks like.

Separate pages show:

- hundreds of used Gilbert Flyer items in the collection:
engines, freight cars, passenger cars, and accessories.  She's still working on the list and pictures of those.  I have only just begun to upload those pictures; If you're interested, check back often!

- a list (with pictures) of freight cars and accessories in the collection made by
other manufacturers: American Models, Lionel, Marx, and Littletown.

4-9701 rock box car  $26.00 (two of them)
4-9706 new york central box car  $80.00

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